Product Design

Our Product Design services will take you through design reviews, as we bring your ideas to reality using the most up-to-date engineering tools. Based on customer specifications, we will evaluate numerous concepts and develop efficient methods to reduce the product design cycle time, which help you convert your ideas into real products.

Geometric Technologies primary concerns with product design are its quality, cost, time. We ensure to protecting your property and complete confidentiality of your designs.

Our Services include:

  • Model Making
  • Product Drawing Creation
  • Tool Making
  • Simulation
  • Project Work Plan

Engineering Detail

Geometric Technologies has the experience to define the best layout for drawings, assign Geometric Dimension & Tolerances, with due consideration to manufacturing processes and machining sequences. Our drawings are complete in all respects, including all notes, revision and statutory instructions.

Geometric Technologies is well expertise in detailing views and converting CAD data in proper manner.

Reverse Engineering

Geometric Technologies infrastructure facilities coupled with the rich and vast experience of engineers enable to undertake a wide array of reverse engineering assignments. Both Laser Scanner (Non-contact methods) and CMM (contact methods) are used to best suit the cost & application requirements of our Customers. Our engineers have the expertise to handle profiles from the simple to the most complex.

Some of our typical Reverse Engineering process is:

  • Scanning Parts and Capturing Point Cloud Data
  • To create Surfaces / Part from Point Cloud Data
  • Dimensions in CAD Files
  • Prototype Model Resizing

Engineering Analysis

Computer Aided Engineering. A computer program which automates one or more engineering analysis functions to determine mechanical, thermal, structural, dynamic analysis. CAE refers to the construction and analysis of objects using virtual methods. Geometric Technologies provide complete solutions in preprocessing, including high-quality mesh generation for simple to complex components to suit respective analysis needs.

Geometric Technologies help you determine stress, strain, deflection, factor of safety, margin of safety etc, by using linear/non-linear analysis techniques. Estimation of natural frequencies for simple to complex systems is done by us. We have the expertise in analyzing for various types of loads such as time varying, harmonic and impact. Advantages of this type of analysis include reducing manufacturing cost by optimizing weight.

CAD Conversion

Legacy Data is normally work left behind during course of time because of priorities. Geometric Technologies offers Legacy data conversion services with high standards of Modeling and Drafting quality on priority to bring the Engineering data in the specified CAD platform by clients of Automotive/ Cement/ Steel/ Piping and General Engineering.

  • 2D to 3D
  • Paper to CAD
  • Surface Modeling to Solid Modeling
  • 3D Detail Viewing


Rapid Prototying

Producing real physical models directly from 3D CAD models is possible through an automatic process called Rapid Prototyping.

Geometric Technologies lets you turn a 3D model design concept into a prototype, test it for fit and form, and even simulate product performance without excessive cost and time of traditional prototyping methods. This in turn reduces cost and offers improved performance.

Fixture & Tool Design

Geometric Technologies providing services in the area of Jigs & Fixture, Tools Design. Ergonomically design of fixture with easily loading and unloading facility.

Offers full-fledged Tool Design support for components of plastics, sheet metal & casting. we have incorporated high standards into all aspects of tool design with process we do

  • Process Planning
  • Process Design

Piping Design

Geometric Technologies offers full-fledged Design support in Life cycle of Process Plants, with a scalability based on customer requirement.

  • Piping Layouts / Plant Layouts
  • Piping Designing
  • Designing of Steel Structures

Scanning Facilities

Geometric Technologies provide Sheet scanning services using wide format scanner. It user-friendly and efficient, this new multipurpose and time-saving scanner can be adapted to numerous stages of the design process.

Training (It's not just training, it’s a Career)

Geometric Technologies, as a Professional CAD/CAM training academy provides the students and working professional an opportunity to get hands on with latest technologies in CAD/CAM/CAE. This training is carried out by highly qualified & experienced professionals including Doctorates & Masters.

The highlight of our course is that, during training itself, you will get to work on live project of leading companies and generating cutting edge solution for them in different areas. Our philosophy is “don’t just learn, become an Expert”.

Geometric Technologies is the only CAD/CAM/CAE institute in central India that offers “Earn While You Learn” program. The company has successfully placed nearly 500 trainee engineers’ worldwide and imparted training to over 50 batches of staff from our global clients.

Geometric Technologies gives the student an exposure to live engineering database and tools/techniques used to create output in line with requirements of multinational in the field. Our training Philosophy being- “Be productive from day one!" and objective - “Do Not Just Learn, Become an Expert!”

Salient features of our MCAD Training

  • Job assured CAD/CAM/CAE long term training program
  • Comprehensive course content with training on real-time project
  • Guidance from leading industry experts from India & Abroad
  • Minimum 500 live industrial edge exercises from a database of more than 50,000
  • Drawing sheet reading and GD&T application
  • Guest Speakers from leading companies

The Scope

At Geometric Technologies, we impart training in CAM/CAD and CAE to Mechanical Engineering graduates from recognized universities from India and aboard.

Knowledge of CAD/CAM/CAE software opens a grand gateway of career opportunities for you. Under the program our trainees can gain proficiency in.

  • Research & Development
  • Product Design
  • Tool & Mould Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • Computer Aided Machining
  • Software Development
  • Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Machining and Tool path generation
  • Marketing and Support of CAD/CAM software
  • Training and Consultancy

Onsite Placements

Our Onsite Placement Division has been operating since 2006 by providing project or assignment-based technical support teams at client sites.

Geometric Technologies has provided onsite support to various prestigious companies around the world, including Companies in Japan and other client sites in India. we are able to provide certified and quality skill force with domain knowledge to our customers.